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Wednesdays are for Water!

What’s a watershed?  What are wetlands and why do we need them?  What happens to your favorite beach after a heavy rainstorm?

CMSECT WW July 12 Banner3

That’s what young children learned at our Water Wednesdays series this summer at the Children’s Museum of Southeastern Connecticut.  The Museum, which for decades has been an educational play destination in East Lyme for families with young children, is one of our Save Oswegatchie Hills Coalition member organizations. Our Coalition seeks to protect the remaining 236 acres of undeveloped coastal forest on the Niantic River from proposed high-density development.

The Museum’s environmental educators used its EnviroScape models to show the young scientists what makes up a watershed, how wetland and forests help protect our rivers and streams from pollution, and what might show up on their favorite beach or swimming area if people don’t clean up after their dogs, throw away their trash, or put too much fertilizer on their lawns.

Families also picked up information from Niantic River Watershed Committee about how they can reduce their own non-point source pollution into rivers, streams, and Long Island Sound.

The Oswegatchie Hills and Niantic River are real-world examples of why natural treasures need to be protected from ill-conceived development, for the sake of wildlife, our aquatic ecosystems, and for future generations. Learn how you can help save Oswegatchie Hills and protect the Niantic River.

2013-niantic-river-vivian-brooks.jpgIt’s collaborations like these with our Save Oswegatchie Hills Coalition member organizations and supporters of our cause that help to make a difference in our communities and our state. Sign our petition to get involved or contact Suzanne Thompson, Save Oswegatchie Hills outreach coordinator, at to see how you can help.

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