Clean Water / Long Island Sound

Your role in pollution reduction


We are now in the thick of summer. With the extra heat, comes an extra responsibility to help protect our beloved Long Island Sound. Warmer weather aggravates existing problems of water quality and ecosystem health, so here are some ideas as mentioned in the 2016 Long Island Sound Report Card that individual people and families can do to help maintain our surrounding waters.

  • Reduce Water Usage
    • Most people are aware that using less water preserves an extremely valuable resource, but it can also improve the overall treatment of water at plants. The less water you use also helps pipes last longer.
  • Eliminate or Reduce Fertilizer Use
    • Fertilizer contains a lot of nitrogen, which promotes the growth of algae blooms. Not only is algae not pretty to look at, it causes a decrease in oxygen levels.
  • Keep Litter out of Waterways
    • Trash is not good for the environment or wildlife. It is not aesthetically pleasing either.
  • Go Native
    • Local plants and forested buffers surrounding a stream, ditch or waterfront act as a natural filtration system
  • Pump Out Your Septic System
    • It is recommended to check your septic systems every 3-5 years. Proper maintenance helps prevent costly repairs and untreated sewage in waterways.
  • Care For Your Pipes
    • It is important to properly dispose of harmful chemicals, household grease, and used cooking oil. The pipes in your house help protect the water for daily use.

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