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Stunning Photos: Paddle Across the Sound 2016


Photos courtesy of Nancy Vincent. 

On Sunday, August 14, just before sunrise, nearly two dozen paddle-boarders and kayakers set out from Rye, NY, to paddle across Long Island Sound and back as part of a fundraiser led by Nancy Vincent, owner of SUP Westchester in Mamaroneck. The 8-mile round-trip adventure was completed by 14 paddlers and three kayakers over the course of several hours. The athletes were accompanied on their journey by three support boats, while family and friends gathered on the Rye shoreline to greet participants upon return.


Photo courtesy of Nancy Vincent.

Funds raised will go towards cleaning up Long Island Sound and tackling the water pollution that threatens participants in aquatic sports and marine life alike.


Photo by David Wilkins. 

“Growing up in Westchester County I spent the summers with my family playing and swimming in the waters of the Long Island Sound. My children now swim, play and fish in these same waters I grew up in,” said Nancy. “One of the great aspects of living in this area is that we are lucky enough to have access to these waters. Everyone who lives in this area should be doing everything they can to protect them… I thought it would be a great idea to do a SUP to Long Island and back as a fundraiser for Save the Sound. It is because of Save the Sound’s hard work and dedication that we get to enjoy these beautiful waters. I am hoping that this event grows every year and more and more people come out to show their support for the waters we all love.”


Photo by David Wilkins.

A special thank you to all who participated! We are so grateful to you, Nancy, for spearheading this amazing event!


Photo courtesy of Nancy Vincent. 


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