Keeping It Green Ep. 2 – Where Does Our Electricity Come From?

Episode #2: Where Does Our Electricity Come From?

This episode covers what energy sources are used to generate electricity in the U.S., a basic overview of how power plants work, how electricity gets from power plants to end users, how Connecticut regulates electric utilities, Connecticut’s electricity profile, and how Connecticut fits into the regional context, including the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, ISO New England, and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

Sources & Helpful Links:

Notes & Corrections:

A few times during the podcast, I accidentally said “fuel mix” when I meant to say “fuel.” Fuel mix refers to the different types of fuels (e.g., nuclear, coal, natural gas, hydro, and renewables) that are used to generate electricity in a particular area. It’s incorrect to use the term “fuel mix” when you refer to a single type of fuel.

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