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Gubernatorial candidate forum on transportation issues

Party-endorsed candidates spoke on transportation challenges and opportunities facing Connecticut.

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September 15, 2014

Laura McMillan: 203-787-0646 x137
Sarah Ganong: 203-787-0646 x128


Governor Malloy addresses the crowd.

New Haven, Conn.—This morning, a broad-based group of state and regional transportation organizations hosted a gubernatorial candidate forum on transportation. Governor Dannel Malloy and candidate for governor Tom Foley each spoke on their intentions regarding the future of Connecticut’s transportation and took questions from the audience of nearly 250 members of the public.

The candidates were queried about Connecticut’s current transportation challenges and their plans for the future of transportation in the state. The discussion focused on the groups’ recently-released Candidate Bulletin for the fall election, which highlights safety, capacity, reliability, funding, and project development needs facing Connecticut’s transportation systems.

Candidate for Governor Tom Foley addresses the audience.

The Candidate Bulletin encourages the gubernatorial candidates and other public policymakers to protect state transportation funding, plan for an uncertain federal funding future, and expedite carefully-chosen projects. Policy recommendations include a lockbox on the state transportation fund to ensure monies are used only for transportation projects, improvements to the State’s ability to deliver projects efficiently, and a statewide transportation prioritization plan.

Hosting groups for the candidate forum include Transit for Connecticut, Connecticut Construction Industries Association, Tri-State Transportation Campaign, Connecticut Fund for the Environment, Regional Plan Association, Connecticut Association for Community Transportation, Connecticut League of Conservation Voters, and Capitol Region Council of Governments.




Organizational Contacts:

Transit for CT | Karen Burnaska | 203-261-9243 |

Tri-State Transportation Campaign | Steven Higashide | 212-268-7474 |

CT Fund for the Environment | Roger Reynolds | 203-787-0646 |

Regional Plan Association | Amanda Kennedy | 203-356-0390 |

CACT | Mary Tomolonius | 860-693-0398 |

CT LCV | Lori Brown | 860-236-5442 |

CRCOG | Lyle Wray | 860-522-2217 |

CCIA | Don Shubert | 860-529-6855 |

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