Sound Swim Alerts

Sound Swim Alert for Westchester County: The Beaches are Open!

Sunday, June 22 — Westchester’s beaches are open again today.

Saturday, June 21 – Long Island Sound beaches in Westchester County are open today. With warm temperatures, blue skies and lots of daylight, it’s a terrific opportunity to enjoy a beautiful day at the beach or on the water.

Our Sound Swim Alerts are designed to help you plan your weekend, and also to bring attention to the problem of chronic pollution at local beaches.

We issue Sound Swim Alerts for Westchester every weekend and holiday throughout the summer, and, if the beaches are closed because of pollution, on weekdays as well. We will post a notice here on Green Cities Blue Waters telling you if the beaches are open, and we’ll also post it on our Facebook page and on Twitter (@savethesound).

Unfortunately, the beaches are not always open. Stormwater contaminated by sewage from old, deteriorating sewers throughout the county prompts the Westchester County Health Department to preemptively closes 10 Long Island Sound beaches (and several others inland and on the Hudson River) each time it rains half an inch or more within 24 hours.

Those 10 are the public beaches at Harbor Island Park in Mamaroneck and Hudson Park in New Rochelle, as well as private beaches at Beach Point Club, Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club, Shore Acres and Orienta Club in Mamaroneck; Echo Bay Club, Davenport Club, and Greentree Club in New Rochelle; and Coveleigh Club in Rye. There’s more information here about why some beaches are shut down and others aren’t.

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