Fridays in the Field

Introducing our new series “Fridays in the Field”

Welcome to our new blog series, “Fridays in the Field!”  This series aims to demonstrate the amazing work that is happening in Connecticut on a range of environmental issues.  We will connect with business leaders, teachers, farmers, academics, nonprofit administrators, and government officials to talk about their projects and what they see happening in our state’s environment.Plum - dune grass

Posts will take various formats, including question-and-answer interviews, photo diaries, and guest posts.

We hope to cover topics such as:

  • How land conservation is helping keep our drinking water clean
  • Ways in which Connecticut businesses are improving their environmental performance
  • The working waters and lands of Long Island Sound
  • Improving residential and commercial energy efficiency in the state
  • Local food economies, including sustainability efforts and traditional occupations like lobstering
  • Efforts to teach environmental awareness in schools and communities
  • Scientific research that impacts our environment and our state’s environmental policies

We aim to post a new piece each Friday, so please visit every week!  We will also spread the word through Facebook and Twitter whenever we post something new.

See you next Friday for our first installment!

2 thoughts on “Introducing our new series “Fridays in the Field”

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