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Save the Sound participates in the CT GI Symposium

As cities around the country work to develop sustainability initiatives, many are turning to green infrastructure (GI) to resolve issues related to stormwater runoff.

With its potential to transform urban areas, improve water quality, and restore watersheds, GI has gained popularity as a valuable and cost-effective practice for stormwater management. On September 19, the Connecticut Green Infrastructure Symposium will give you a chance to learn more about green infrastructure practices and opportunities for communities in the region. The speakers will include Curt Johnson, executive director of Save the Sound, along with researchers, municipal land use and public works professionals, and private sector engineers.

Read more on our ReduceRunoff blog.

Posted by Maria Llanos Martell, intern for CFE/Save the Sound

2 thoughts on “Save the Sound participates in the CT GI Symposium

  1. Great program and I’ve been so grateful all summer for the beach safe/unsafe bulletins. Now that the public season is over, but I’m still swimming until late October off Wildcliff beach, how will I know (except to avoid after rains) when it’s unsafe? For the record, today the water is full of what I call the tapioca type jellyfish, no stings, but lots of jelly out there


    • Hi Emita,
      So glad you found the Sound Swim Alerts helpful! They’ll be back next summer. Meanwhile, the best way to check beach conditions is to call your local Health Department (or check their website–this varies).
      Happy swimming–enjoy those cool, uncrowded beaches!

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