LIS Citizen's Summit

What’s Next – Action Items From the Long Island Sound Citizens Summit

At the end of our Long Island Sound Citizens Summit, we spent awhile with participants discussing Sandy and how we can best prepare for future storms.


Moderated by Adrienne Esposito of Citizens Campaign for the Environment and Nancy Seligson, Town Supervisor for the Town of Mamaroneck, participants came up with a great list of Action Items, as listed below:

  • Use Louisiana Coastal Restoration Plan to assist in coordinating projects
  • Share Best Management Practices among communities
  • Update local zoning commissions
  • Collective good versus private property rights
  • Build associations between Planning & Zoning Commissions with Marine Waters Protection
  • More education of sea level rise to zoning/planning/municipalities
  • Financial incentives to move TDRs (reverse mortgages) to allow land to revert back
  • Staff training of climate change
  • Invite and include corporations
  • “Ken Feinberg” model for funding distribution

We want to hear from you! What do you think of the list of Action Items above? Are any missing? Let us know your ideas by commenting on this blog or posting on our Facebook wall.

One thought on “What’s Next – Action Items From the Long Island Sound Citizens Summit

  1. I had to miss the last session to catch a train, but I suggest:
    Include adaptation to Climate Change throughout revision of LISS CCMP

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