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Save the Sound & Cornell University Cooperative Extension Partner to Restore the Sound’s Submerged Fish Habitat

Last week, we partnered with the Cornell University Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County for our third third event engaging volunteers in restoring the Sound’s submerged aquatic vegetation – eelgrass. Friday’s event took place at the Clinton Town Marina.

clinton town marina

We had a great turnout of local volunteers who wove eelgrass shoots together into biodegradable burlap planting discs.

Eelgrass waiting to be weaved into discs

Eelgrass shoots

5.3.13 volunteers

Volunteers at the event


Volunteer weaving eelgrass into the biodegradable disc

After the discs were assembled, CCE SCUBA divers took the units for planting in Long Island Sound.


Completed discs ready for planting

Discs ready for planting

Discs ready for planting

These plantings will result in a new “marine meadow” that provides essential fish habitat, prevents erosion and helps keep the Sound clear of sediments.

An example of a marine meadow
Photo: CCE

Last week’s event was part of CCE’s Marine Meadows Program, the purpose of which is to restore eelgrass, the dominant local seagrass found in the Sound. Eelgrass has decreased drastically over the past 75 years. The Marine Meadows Program was developed in spring of 2011 and gives participants the opportunity to learn about the biology and importance of eelgrass while participating in hands-on restoration efforts.

Posted by Rebecca Kaplan, director of communications for CFE/Save the Sound

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