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Humpback Whale Washes Up Ashore in Stonington

According to the New London Day, a small, 20-foot female humpback whale washed up ashore in Stonington yesterday. The whale was found floating at a beach in the Lords Point area. Officials state that the whale had been dead for about a week and was brought to shore by the tides from Fishers Island Sound.

Photo by The Fisherman Magazine

Staff from Mystic Aquarium responded to the call regarding the whale. Today, the whale will be towed about 10 miles offshore where aquarium staff will take some samples from the whale. It will then be buried at sea.

This is a sad day for humpback whales that periodically visit Long Island Sound. According to National Geographic, humpback whales are known for their

“magical songs, which travel for great distances through the world’s oceans…These whales are found near coastlines, feeding on tiny shrimp-like krill, plankton, and small fish.”

Humpback whales are a federally endangered species. Federal officials report that there are approximately 11,570 in the North Atlantic.

Did you see the whale? Let us know here or on our Facebook page.

Posted by Rebecca Kaplan, director of communications for CFE/Save the Sound

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